Created in 2013

 Modeled after the largest and most successful dance studio in Los Angeles, Studio 22 is the brainchild of professional dancers Sergey Korshunov and Michelle Hafle, who saw the need for a fun and positive environment where people could go to get the best dance instruction at an affordable rate. Nowhere in Dallas can you find such highly trained professionals teaching so many different styles of partner dancing from beginner, to advanced, to competitive levels.  Studio 22 is truly a great place to learn something new, gain more confidence, and meet new people.

Studio 22 prides itself on having the highest level of integrity when teaching people to dance. Because of that, Studio 22 houses Dallas’ top instructors ranging in styles from Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, Argentine Tango, and Country Western. All the instructors are experts in their field of dance and are passionate about the specific style(s) they teach. In addition to group classes, instructors also teach private lessons, wedding lessons, and youth classes.


Flyers NEED to Get to the Point!

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint Exupéry

I was sought out to produce several Flyers, Web Banners and Verifone campaigns that retained a consistent theme and look. I recommend to many organizations to use a multi channel approach, especially incorporating Flyers, as they are designed to quick sell a service or product to the reader. Many business owners have found that creating flyers for advertising purposes, has boosted their businesses. Why is that?

They’re popular marketing tools because they can be widely distributed and on top of that… cost effective.

Just think of all the ways you can distribute them and they only cost a few pennies to a dollar. They can be placed anywhere and in anyone’s hand. You can pass them out in public places, send them through the mail, or post them on local information boards.

Dance Sport

Ballroom & Latin Social campaign with Flyer, Web banner, and Verifone assets.

Dance Sport

 Select Flyers

Various other campaigns that I was brought on to promote events at Studio22.

s22 flyers


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